Our Home Owners Association has worked with Advanced Property Management for over a year now. They help our members by answering questions as well as guide residents through the process of working with the HOA. They monitor our finances and keep our vendors up to date with payments and invoicing. This allows our volunteer executive board members to not spend an overwhelming amount of time working on HOA related tasks. They provide these services at an extremely affordable rate and help the HOA maintain a professional relationship with our residents. I would highly recommend their services.

Doug M

We have had a great deal of success with Advanced Property. They are able achieve competitive rental rates, even when the market can be saturated at times. They not only utilize a great tenant screening process, the communication between management/tenant/landlord has been beneficial to us. From an owner’s point of view, we have been happy with our association, and hope to continue in the future.

Monte C

“Advance Property Management has been a phenomenal partner in maintaining my property! They have, by far, exceeded my expectations as a property manager. They are a transparent company who value their property owners and keep the tenants’ best interests in mind. They communicate frequently and openly with candid recommendations and solutions to rental property problems / concerns. Their staff is professional, courteous and responsive. I would most certainly recommend them.”


“I can imagine how difficult it is coordinating multiple property owners from a distance, but you guys do it seamlessly and flawlessly. I never once felt that my property was being neglected or that I had anything to worry about. You guys kept me well informed and the tenants happy. My realtor was incredibly impressed with how well maintained the property was after 11 years, and what a good job you guys did vetting tenants as well as staying on top of everything at the property big and small..”


“Advanced Property Management has expertly managed both of my rental properties for years. They always kept my properties in great shape and made quick repairs when issues were found. Their staff is always courteous, polite and easy to get ahold of. They are experts in turning over properties and getting them ready for sale. If your rental properties are investment properties this is the property management team to use.”


“Annette and Craig Lauppe have been fantastic property managers for more than the two years we rented from them.  Annette was great making suggestions for us to view other properties we did not know about when looking for a place to live and ultimately found a home for us!  Any repair issues were promptly addressed, notification was given anytime someone was coming to the house, and they quickly found new renters for us when we had to leave mid month upon PCS orders.  They treated us way better than another company did when we first moved to town.  A definite recommendation for owners or renters!”

-Anna B.

Currently renting in Manhattan due to owning property in another state. I can say as a tenant I have never had any issues with Craig or his staff. I have rented numerous properties all over the country in the last 20 years, and I have never dealt with a more professional management company than Craig and his staff at Advanced.

-John R.

“We have moved quite a bit over the last 15 years, and Advanced is the most proficient and efficient Property Management company with which we have dealt. They were fair and attentive during the move-in and move-out process. The maintenance department’s use of Property Meld was fast; they always had someone out within 24 hours of any issues. We only lived in the property less than a year, but it was a pleasurable experience.”


“Absolutely OUTSTANDING tenant care! Life brings maintenance issues…Advanced goes above & beyond taking care of their renters. My husband & I are extremely happy with their level of professionalism.”